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Youtube is currently one of the hottest social media sites there is in the net. It’s got hundreds of millions of users from places all over the world with over 2 days worth of videos uploaded into the site every minute. It’s been localized in about 24 countries worldwide and made available to in over 30 languages, making it very valuable simply because of it’s potential reach. So anyways, Welcome to Youtubexpress. Youtubexpress is part of a large network of social media marketing websites. To see what other social media services we offer. You should check out, it has become one of simplest places to Buy youtube views on the worldwide web. We offer many more services there, from Youtube to Facebook, from Soundcloud to Twitter =)

Anyways back to Youtube itself! Despite the amount of content uploaded within the site every single minute, there just seems to be a few videos that stand out quite well. It brings every user asking themselves, “How can i get more news on Youtube?” It’s because every user wants to do their work justice.

Fact: There are plenty of really good videos out there that never get the attention they deserve as they get buried under the pile of all other videos uploaded every minute.

So what can anybody do to elude the impending doom of having their videos cast aside to the depths of nothingness never to see the light of day again? Some resort to buy Youtube views. Not only to rescue their videos but in attempts to gain video virality.

Why aim for video virality? Think about it. It’s got potential to get maximum reach, even if its only for a few days. It’s not only a video. It becomes “the video” that gets the most thumbs ups, the most comments and most importantly, the most shares, and because Youtube is the hottest media sharing site there is worldwide, that’s just like having the largest consumer market at your fingertips.

It certainly begins with answering the question “How can I get more views on Youtube”, then broken down into two aspects it can benefit people personally, and business, and here’s how:


  • A large amount of views gives people a sense of confidence
  • It also generates morale for the people responsible for the videos
  • … hence resulting to better future content quality
  • It encourages interaction between other users the moment it generate comments.

For Business

  • to buy Youtube views means better appeal, because the public finds appeal in numbers (if you decide buy 1 million Youtube views, then your video will appear to be extremely impressive)
  • better appeal gets more attention
  • more attention means more views, more comments, more thumbs ups
  • more of those mentioned above generates more engaged users
  • engaged users have 70% probability of turning into followers
  • more followers means more exposure
  • more exposure means more reach
  • more reach means more influence
  • more influence usually means more sales
  • more sales means more return of investment
  • when ROI is recovered, the business gains more profit, continuously

So ask your yourself, indeed, “How can I get more views on Youtube?”. The answer you can see is pretty simple. Make an investment. Make a good investment. Buy 1 million Youtube views to boost your videos, keeping in mind that its better to buy Youtube views in bulk..

The Many Benefits of when you Buy 1 Million Youtube Views

The best way to do it? Buy Youtube views, but hold up,not just any number of Youtube views — buy 1 million Youtube views.

Isn’t that a little too much? Of course not. It’s the answer to “how can I get more views on Youtube”, whether fake or organic. Either way, views are not counted through every individual that actually views it. It’s counted by how many times it’s played. Besides there’s no better way to boost a video than to buy 1 million Youtube views in bulk, rather than buy Youtube views in smaller amounts, because sometimes the smaller amounts will just not cut it, and then you will find yourself looking to buy Youtube views again, which is just not sensible. Basically, just buy 1 million Youtube views, because…

  • its more convenient
  • it gets faster results
  • the law of supply states that everything is cheaper in bulk